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Cookies list

There are three basic cookie categories. Technical cookies are needed for correct website functioning and can be used without your consent. Other cookies can only be used with your consent.

Technical cookies

Those are indispensable cookies that make it possible to run the website or the service you request. The technical cookies include e.g. the technically necessary cookies, including those ensuring IT security, those needed for communication (e.g. the so-called load balancing cookies), basic cookies for functioning of advertisement (e.g. for limitation of the number of displayed ads), cookies for observing the terms of accessing our website, and basic cookies for the option of the so-called A/B testing of alternative website solutions.

Name Provider Tool Expiration Description
PHPSESSID own   session For ensuring the user’s requests across webpages.
test_cookie Google DoubleClick 1 day For checking whether the user’s browser supports cookie files.
csrf_contao_csrf_token own   session For ensuring security.
topMessageClose own   29 days For saving the information about when the user shut the upper bar.

Statistical and analytical cookies (enabling us to improve our website)

The statistical and analytical cookies are used for measuring and analyzing our website traffic (number of visitors, displayed pages, average browsing period, etc.), which helps us to improve their functioning and develop new services for you. By accepting those cookie files, you help us to obtain precious data about how you use our website. As a result, we can improve the functioning of our website or develop new services for you.

Name Provider Tool Expiration Description
_ga Google Google Analytics 2 years For registering the visitor’s unique ID used to produce statistical data about how the visitor uses the website.
_ga_# 2 years For collecting the data about the user’s number of visits to the website and the data of their first and last visits.
_gat 1 day For limiting the number of requests.
_gid 1 day For registering the visitor’s unique ID used to produce statistical data about how the visitor uses the website
collect session For analyzing the data about the user’s device and their website behaviour. For recording the user’s passage.

Advertising cookies and social-media cookies

Those cookie files are used for the purpose of advertisement displayed on third parties’ websites, including social media and contextual advertisement. They are tailored to your preferences according to the content you display and services provided to you and they help us to measure efficiency of our advertising campaigns. If you deactivate those cookie files, advertisement (including our advertisement) will keep displaying, even if not specific for your personal interests. Consequently, the advertisement will be less relevant.

Name Provider Tool Expiration Description
_fbp Facebook   3 months Used by Facebook for providing advertising products, e.g. third-party advertisers’ offers in real time.
fr 3 months
tr session
_gcl_au Google Google Adsense 3 months Used by Google AdSense for testing efficiency of advertisement on websites using their services.
ads/ga-audiences Google Ads session Used by Google Ads for marketing profiling of potential customers on the basis
of their website preferences and for targeting advertisement so as to make them
come back to the website.
IDE DoubleClick 1 year Used by Google DoubleClick for personalizing advertisement displayed to users on
the basis of their previous visits to our website.
NID   6 months Used by Google on the basis of last searches and interactions to customize
advertisement on Google websites.
pagead/1p-user-list/#   session For tracking whether the user has shown interest in specific products or events on various websites, and for determining how the user migrates among them.
sid Seznam.cz   29 days For personalizing advertising messages
retargeting session For monitoring users’ behaviour and migration on the website and any interaction with active campaigns. Serves for optimizing advertisement and efficient redirection.
c Imper CZ s.r.o. Leady permanent For identifying website visitors and tracking their movement.
leady_session_id session
leady_tab_id permanent